Sexuality (Key Ideas) (2nd edition)

We are almost programmed into thinking of our sexuality as a wholly natural feature of life. But sexual relations are but one form of social relations, as Jeffrey Weeks makes clear in his book. Drawing on the analyses of Michel Foucault, amongst others, the book examines the social, moral and political issues raised by contemporary forms of sexuality. Weeks provides an authoritative introduction to the sociology of sexuality, discuss...

Sex and the Perfect Lover: Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra

This book will become your eternal companion and trusted adviser – all of your needs and doubts about eroticism will be eased by Iam's tried-and-true advice. From your first kiss to sexual ecstasy, Mabel Iam guides you along the path to an intense pleasure that only love and sex can bring.

Männlichkeit leben: Die Stärkung des Maskulinen

Dieses "Männerbuch" bezieht eine eindeutige Position. Es bringt eine neue Sicht in die Geschlechterdiskussion und stellt einen konkreten Leitfaden dar, wie Männer in ihrer Männlichkeit und Identität gestärkt werden. Männer sollen sich aus der Rolle des netten, lieben Frauenverstehers befreien. Um als Mann autonomer, emotional und sexuell unabhängiger von Frauen zu werden, muss er seine Aggressionen in positiver Form leben, anstatt di...

What She Wishes You Knew About Sex: A Man's Guide to Becoming a Great Lover

Ever wondered what a woman is thinking about when she's about to have sex? Want to be a better lover, boyfriend, husband? You can be the World’s Greatest Lover. You don’t need to memorize the Kama Sutra or be Casanova or have dozens of partners. You just need to find out what women really want in bed. This book is compiled from frank conversations with women who shared their secret desires. They told the author all about the sort of ...

The Sex Bible For People Over 50

Sex post-50 can be the best ever but it requires a different skill-set - more communication, longer foreplay, different positions, sexual toys and aids - to stay hot and exciting. It also needs to accommodate the myriad of physical, emotional, and social changes that happen in late middle-age. Author Dr. Laurie Betito gives readers techniques for reconnecting with their partners, bringing experimentation in long-term sexual relations...

The Best Jokes: 500 Funniest Dirty Jokes For Adults 2017

The dirtiest 500 funny jokes for adults Do you want to have fun and charge with the flow of positive? A joke in the company and be the center of attention? Then this book is for you! Here you will find a huge number of jokes for various life situations. In this book, we've collected a variety of jokes for adults. Reading this book you'll charge with positive for a long time and while telling these jokes to your friends, you'll be the...

The Tantric Way Of Loving - A Holistic Guide To Sensual Exploration

How to adapt the ancient teachings of Tantra to reach greater levels of emotional intimacy and sexual ecstasy • Prepare your own temple of delight and dedicate yourselves to unlocking your full sexual potential • Use rituals of devotion to adore and honour each other • Sensual rituals and sexual techniques show you how to prolong your lovemaking • Illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs

Natürliche Penisvergrösserung - 5 Zentimeter in 5 Wochen

Wussten Sie, dass Sie Ihren Penis bis zu 100% vergrößern können? Mit Hilfe der Techniken in diesem Buch ist es für einen Mann nicht ungewöhnlich mit einem 15 cm großen Penis in kurzer Zeit 3 bis 9 cm hinzuzugewinnen - und damit schnell und einfach zum OBEREN DURCHSCHNITT zu gehören! Es ist keine Magie, die Ihren Penis wachsen lässt, sondern es sind überprüfte medizinische Verfahren, die Sie NOCH HEUTE anwenden können. Tausende von Mä...

Best Sex Ever: The Ultimate Guide to Positions, Techniques, Toys, and Games

You can have incredible sex! Best Sex Ever is your complete guide to amazing sex. Written by internationally-renowned author Susan Crain Bakos, this book will intensify the sex you’re having, and open your mind to new and exciting techniques with unimaginable results. After you read this book, every stroke, flick, pinch, bite, and kiss will have a purpose, and every one of them will drive your partner wild. In these pages you'll disc...

Cosmo's Sexy Sutra: 101 Epic Sex Positions

From the sex experts at Cosmopolitan—where sex is the No. 1 most popular topic in print and online—comes this No. 1 handbook for perking up your sex life. Sensual illustrations and detailed descriptions provide inspiration and graphic instruction for 101 positions. Red-hot topics and tips, lusty challenges, and other arousing extras round out this book.